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Quickstep Gerolsteiner Saeco FassaBortolo Festina Milram QuickStep2017 Italia was brought into being as platform for cycling erotic and cycling shorts fetish.
Today contains altogether over 25.000 Pictures with the professional cycling clotes of Quickstep, Gerolsteiner, Saeco, FassaBortolo, Festina, Astana, Castelli, HEW, Liquigas, Mapei, QuickStep2017, CreditAgricole, SwissPost, Milram, SaecoLegalize, T-Mobile, Cofidis, SaunierDuval, Fakta, Lampre, MercatoneUno, Barloworld, LottoAdecco, Phonak, Italia, Euskaltel, AquaEtSapone, and Fdjeux, worn by Daniel, Jan, Raphael, Bruno, Robin, Adrian, Toby, Angelino, Diego, Alejandro, Christian, Sebastian, Lucky, Colin, Silvan, Tamilo, Attila, Ricardo, Pablo, Florian, Kai, Leon, Niels, Rico, Ibo, Alex, Thorsten, Jens, Gecko, Dario, and David. Above all the boys wear , NaliniCyclingShoes, Timetrailsuit, TheClassics, ShimanoCyclingShoes, WetPants, WithBicycle, Longsleeved, Gloves, Layers, Armwarmers, Legwarmers, Bandana, Helmet, Cap, Holepants und Videos.
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Cycling clothing, as worn by cycling pros at la Tour de France, il Giro d'Italia, der Deutschlandtour and other cycling events, are made of Lycra and are usually composed of two parts: a pair of cycling shorts with bibs and a saddle pad and an form-fitting tricot with a zipper in the front and pockets in the back.
On a Timetrail, where every second is of vital importance, cyclists wear a skinsuit, a so called Timetrailsuit. Timetrailsuits have a saddle pad between the legs, too. Also longsleved Timetrailsuits are available.
Who cannot imagine what means the title of this Website "Gay Cycling", may realize that a cycling suit has to sit very tight to decrease the air resistance. So it accents the figure of the bikerider and the forms of his body. Not only broad shoulders and strong legs show to advantage. Also the dick shows up at a first glance and it can be deduced easily whether the bike rider has a stiffy or not. That makes cycling interesting in a very special way for gay cycling sport fans (and certainly for women aswell) - and the cycling shorts is by that made to a very popular fetish.
Also the by training and bikeriding well-shaped tasty Ass of the bicyclist stands out clearly. Of course, real biker shave their legs and their ass is shaved, too.
Not only watching athletic male bodies in skintight cycling suits is very delightful. Also wearing tightfitting cycling outfit is not only for the sportsman, but also for the cycling shorts lover and fetishist very comfortable. The bibs on the shoulders are like a tender embracement and the saddle pad that is supposed to prevent the arse from chafing presses similar like a diaper enjoyable against dick and balls of the bicycle racer and runs deep into the ass crack between the ass cheeks.
In cycling sport is a cap or bandana or handgloves matching the cycling team outfit often used accessory. A helmet increases the sexurity factor, arm warmers and leg warmers protect from cold and cycling shoes as well as timetrail overshoes stabilize and protect the feet.
It's also very sexy to wear more than one layer of long-sleeved and short-sleeved cycling bib shorts and padded cycling suits to increase the cold protection and to intensify the diaper feeling between the legs coming from the thick saddle pads.
Even the professional cyclists twitch between their legs to set things straight. On there is more than twitching, there is grabing and jerking off. On the orgasm in tight Lycra cycling shorts the cum presses through the thin material and a clearly visible cum spot formes on the cycling pants.
All boys wear the same cycling suits over and over again and leave their cum in the cycling gear. The oldest and most cummed cycling shorts are from Quickstep, and Saeco, and Fassa Bortolo. The Gerolsteiner Timetrailsuit catches up very soon!
If a racing driver is bursting for a pee in the middle of a stage, he cannot stop and dismount and go into a bush to piss. He pulls down the cycling shorts between the bibs and pees during the ride. On it's the same way done, but often they piss into the cycling shorts, too.
Sex in wet clothes is a very frequent fetish. Sex in wet cycling shorts is even more appealing. The thin cycling clothes in wet condition almost becomes transparent and accent the contours of the wearer's body more and more, especially the shape of the cock. If the boy lays in a fountain, in a river or rivulet or in a lake, ...
if he pours his drink from his bottle over his head, or if he rices his bike out in the rain, or if he goes for a shower, the only thing that matters is that every thing gets completely wet!
They say, sport is more fun as a pair or in a group. That is valid even more for making out in sports gear.
Also the highest and most intensive form of gay sex is a very intensive joy in cycling clotes: It's the Assfuck. With a hole in the cycling pants on the ass over the ass hole and over the dong, you do not even have to take the cycling stuff off.
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